The owners

An idea of the neighborhood
The Windketel is an initiative of the residents of the square where it is located. A number of us live in the Magazijngebouw (Watertorenplein 2A-M), a former storage facility of the water works. When we finished converting the facility to residences in 1997, we turned our attention to the little Windketel building it faces. What might it become?

A small design hotel
We decided to make it a place for temporary residents to enjoy this unique spot in Amsterdam. We established a co-op with ten members and hired architect Paul Westerman, whose ingenious re-design created a 48-square-meter interior. Hotel de Windketel opened for business in 2003.

Furnished with Dutch design
After a renovation in 2013, the Windketel was made more sustainable and completely re-furnished, this time with work by several generations of Dutch Designers. We continue to refresh the interior with the work of young and older Dutch designers, just because we enjoy it.

Contact persons
Currently Dook, Jan-Willem and Hans are the contact persons for guests.

We wish you a lovely time in our little tower on the square!

Dook, Els, Hans, Harmen, Jan-Willem, Jos, Marlies, Sonja and Trudy

           ----- Obituary Liesbeth Koning -----

On the 10th of February 2018, after a short sickbed, Liesbeth has passed away. Liesbeth was the key figure of the Windketel. She managed the bookings and took care of all arrangements prior to welcoming guests. Liesbeth was always available to answer questions or to solve problems of guests. The messages in the guestbook clearly demonstrate that this was highly appreciated.

We miss Liesbeth badly….